Feeling good about how we feed our babies
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This website sets out to help parents and family members, friends, health professionals and others who provide support with feeding to have different sorts of conversations about how we feed our babies. We’ll look at:
change me
  • Stories from parents about their feelings about how they fed their babies
  • Two common unhelpful ways of thinking about feeding babies – and how these unhelpful ways of thinking can leave parents feeling bad
  • How we feel when things don’t work out the way we wanted
This website gives ideas to help us think about our feelings about feeding babies and tries to start supportive conversation about why different parents make different decisions.
This website does not look in detail at the evidence for benefits of breastfeeding. If would like some more information about this, there are more links here.
This website does not provide information or skilled support about how to breastfeed or formula feed or mixed feed a baby. Good information and skilled help is available, there are more links here.