Online resources
The LifeGuide Wiki

We recommend that you visit our wiki page, which has lots of useful information and advice on how to create an online intervention: http://wiki.lifeguideonline.org/wiki/Main_Page

The following wiki page will give you an introduction to LifeGuide and will help you decide if LifeGuide is the right tool for you: http://wiki.lifeguideonline.org/wiki/What_is_LifeGuide%3F

The Essential Guide

In addition, the “Essential Guide to LifeGuide Intervention Development” is a key document that details important points to consider when creating an online intervention. It is full of useful advice and tips, and can be downloaded from our wiki homepage: http://wiki.lifeguideonline.org/w/images/9/9b/The_Essential_Guide_to_LifeGuide_Development.pdf

The essential guide is constantly being updated as we develop LifeGuide. Therefore it is important that you always download and read the latest version before finalising an intervention.

Intervention Demos

There are demos of interventions that have been created using LifeGuide on the LifeGuide Community Website. They will give you some idea of the types of interventions you can create using our software.

We also recommend that you download the authoring tool software from the LifeGuide Community website and try it out before you start planning your intervention.

You will be able to access demos and the authoring tool after you have registered for a LifeGuide account.